The half-baked idea has been criticised for being “inappropriate”.

The British bakery chain released a number of publicity shots to promote their Advent calendar including Santa with flakes of pastry in his beard and a woman standing under mistletoe preparing to kiss a slice of chicken.

But it was their depiction of the Nativity scene, in which the three wise men gaze longingly at a pork-filled pastry, rather than baby Jesus, that upset some people. Many pointed out that Jesus was Jewish and eating pork in the Jewish faith is forbidden.

“Out of interest do you think the people at Greggs understand that Jesus was Jewish and serving up a pork sausage roll in the manger is unbelievably inappropriate?” tweeted Beth Rosenberg.

While James Mather said: “I’m no prude, but equating Jesus, a Jew, to a sausage roll really is deeply offensive on all sorts of levels.”

Greggs responded by stating - “We’re really sorry to have caused any offence, this was never our intention.”

However, not everyone was offended and some saw the funny side:

You might be on to something there, Bob.