Picture the scene; you're a low level football player in Greece, playing to a handful of people in a pretty dilapidated stadium when, all of a sudden, you glance into the stands and notice former Arsenal and France legend Robert Pires sitting up there on his holliers checking out the local talent.

What is your first reaction? Perhaps you try and play that little bit harder in front of Pires, try to catch his eye and get yourself a handshake and a pat on the back after the match, or maybe you ignore him and get on with the game? Or how about you plump up the courage to ask him for a match?

Luckily for everyone involved, someone plumped for the latter and the managed to persuade Pires to turn out for their team in the second half and, in true fairytale style, he grabbed a goal and an assist for his new teammates, winning them the match. We suppose that old adage of class being permanent rings true in this case, eh?