There must be easier ways of manscaping, surely?

Spa treatments range from the relaxing to the wacky, and there's no doubt that this particular one falls under the latter category. 

According to Kotaku, the treatment is designed to help pretty much anything from "depression and diarrhea to indigestion and infertility", however its main purpose is to relieve stress. If you were to ask us, then the sight of fire on our crotch would probably induce a bit more stress, but we're no experts.

Pic via Photo Sina

The treatment is not exclusively for crotches, as it involves a rope made of herbs being placed anywhere on the patient's body, covered in cling film and towels and then set alight using alcohol and fire. Patients can choose to have anywhere engulfed in flames, even their head if they so desire, and the whole thing is done by pros who are trained in the art. 

We just hope that training involves a fire extinguisher.

Via Kotaku and GQ. Main pic via Photo Sina.