Although we don't personally subscribe to it, there are plenty of people out there who seem to think there are hidden meanings in many well-known symbols and logos in modern life.

Some believe the peacock symbol for NBC is inherently evil whilst others think that the US Dollar is replete with Illuminati symbols.

However, in most cases, there's a generally accepted reasoning behind them and that's pretty much it. Or is it?

A former graphic designer for a major broadcasting entity in the States made an admission - he snuck weird, Illuminati symbols into TV news broadcasts and live television reports.

The designer was in charge of creating 3D animation that preceded the likes of sports games or news reports for a major US network that broadcasted to affiliates around the country.

He stated that during his time at the network, he noticed a great many things that angered him; most notably their clear and unequivocal bias towards George W. Bush - which gives you a sense of how long ago this all happened.

However, that wasn't the sole reason why he decided to start messing with the animations. As he says it himself, he was simply bored.

"I’d find a way to incorporate something in the graphics, usually small and out of the way - maybe a reference to the Illuminati or Freemasonry - just to f**k with anyone who noticed it," the anonymous designer explained.

The designer said that he put a pentagram into a major sports event that went virtually undetected and in a news report animation, he put an upside-down A for Anarchy symbol into it, again without anyone noticing.

"I don’t think anyone at work ever caught on, and I never met anyone who mentioned witnessing weird symbols in the local news. I mean, most of the people I know or talk to don’t watch network television, and honestly I never even saw most of my graphic copy in the wild because I didn’t watch these stations either."

It's pretty unbelievable, to say the least, and there's every chance this guy is lying. Have you ever noticed any weird symbols in the news?

Chances are, it's just another bored graphic designer.