The sunniest weekend of the year made for a great weekend for throwing parties it seems.

According to reports, Graham Norton got married this past weekend in a ceremony in West Cork.

The actor-turned-presenter-turned-national-treasure reportedly headed back home to host what sounds like the party of the year to celebrate his exciting new venture in life.

The Bandon native took over the swanky Bantry House and Garden for the event, which took place on Saturday night and reportedly hosted upwards of 120 friends and family. According to The Irish Examiner, the party was then moved to his summer holiday home in Ahakista on Sunday, where marquees were set up to continue the celebration.

It’s also reported that Irish Drag Queen icon Panti Bliss was blasting out the tunes as the resident DJ for the weekend, with Scottish singer Lulu (of James Bond and Eurovision fame) performing during the festivities.

Graham and his partner could have already legally married, with Saturday’s event serving as a blessing ceremony, but this part of the story remains unknown as of yet.

The low-key event thankfully went off without much disruption from the press or media, but locals were apparently on their toes as rumours of some celebrity guests being spotted in West Cork were doing the rounds.

One resident in the area spoke to Cork Beo, dropping some potential guest names: "We knew Bantry House was closed for a private event, it was pretty common knowledge that it was a party for Graham and that is was to do with his marriage.

"We were hearing all sorts of names, Lady Gaga, Elton John was supposed to be singing. We've not seen any of them but there's been a big buzz around Bantry

"We could all hear the music from Bantry House on Saturday night - they certainly got the weather for it!"

We have it on good authority from a team member's mother that yes, Elton John was indeed in town having a pint with Graham last week. Well, we're unsure of the beverage, but picturing Elton John sipping on a pint of Murphys is sending us.

Graham Norton was spotted in Arundel's By the Pier in Ahakista soaking up the sun with friends before the weekend.

Graham Norton getting low-key married shouldn't come as too much of a shock, as the entertainer rarely speaks about his private life (except for his autobiographies, of course).

Next up for Graham will be to host a second season of the Drag Queen singing competition 'Queen of the Universe', the first season of which is currently streaming on Paramount+.

Congrats to Graham and his husband!