The GQ Men of the Year Party held itself at the Chateau Marmont Hollywood last night. And to clarify, it wasn't an awards ceremony, it was a party. Presumably a party to launch their annual Men Of The Year issue that's released every November. In which case, no one featured on the five different covers available turned up to celebrate themselves. Correction, Drake did (he was named 'Breakout of the Year'. A term which could be left open to interpretation), by all accounts, I'm finding it difficult to locate his photo.

As for Scarlet Johannson (Babe of the Year); Jeff Bridges (Icon of the Year), TV comedian Stephen Colbert (Patriot of the Year), and James Franco (Leading Man of the Year); none of them bothered to appear. All we have here (not that I'm moaning, mind) is Steve Buscemi, Stanley Tucci, this yoke, this eejit, Mr. Blueman, teen fodder, and what can only be James Franco's younger brother. Apart from that, we've a load of skinny people and this stunning creature. Hellew to you too.