Listen, we'll tackle (gerrit? It looks like a fishing net... apologies) Kim's ensemble shortly in our Red Carpet special, but first let's address the fact that she actually won something...

Mrs Kardashian West won the award for 'Woman' and Kanye was merely there to support his 'woman'. He even got on down with the train fixing. He didn't even go on a microphone pilfering rant when Pharrell was named Solo Artist of the year...

He didn't have a hint of a hissier when Iggy Pop was crowned Icon, Van Morrison was deemed a Legend, and Douglas Booth was named Most Stylish. He didn't bat an eyelid when the awards for International Man, Inspiration, Entrepreneur, Designer and Humanitarian were announced and none of them were him...

Kanye has grown, people. He's grown.

Comedian - John Bishop

Editor’s Special - Liam Neeson

Chef - Tom Kerridge

Designer - Christopher Bailey

Writer - Michael Lewis

Breakthrough Fashion Designers - Agi and Sam

Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man - Douglas Booth

International Man - Jonah Hill

Philanthropist - Tony Blair

TV Personality - Peter Capaldi

Innovator - Ewan Venters

Inspiration - New Order

Sportsman - Lewis Hamilton

Entrepreneur - Andre Balazs

Special Achievement - Paolo Nutini

Vertu Breakthrough - Jamie Dornan

Solo Artist - Pharrell Williams

Leading Man - Colin Firth

Humanitarian - Ringo Starr

Actor - Benedict Cumberbatch

Legend - Van Morrison

Woman - Kim Kardashian West

Icon - Iggy Pop

Via DailyRecord