A man was in critical condition in Tenerife this week after being shot with a tranquiliser dart in the zoo he worked in while dressed as a gorilla.

Staff in Loro Parque Zoo were carrying out a drill to assess whether or not they were prepared to handle the escape of one of their gorillas when a vet, seemingly unaware that the drill was in fact a drill, shot the 'gorilla' with a tranquiliser dart.

According to The Mail, the vet shot and hit the man in the leg with the dart that packed enough punch to take down a 400lb gorilla, which obviously left the man in a serious condition and required immediate hospitalisation. The zoo told them:

'Last Monday, Loro Parque simulated the escape of an animal from its enclosure in the gorilla park. As part of the simulation, which took place in the security zone of the area and was attended only by authorised personnel, they set off the emergency alarm. Once they had carried out the various procedures, one keeper in the wild mammals team was accidentally struck by the medical tranquiliser that vets use in these instances. As a result, emergency services were called and he was taken to Hospital Universitari de Canarias, where he was treated. He recovered and is now in good health. Loro Parque, like all zoos and animal parks, regularly carries out this kind of emergency drill. The measure is designed to improve security, emergency procedures, and to train staff who work in these enclosures.'

Just FYI, in case you ever get a job in a zoo or animal enclosure, don't agree to dress up as one of the animals there. It's just not going to end well.