Today marks the 80th anniversary of the release of 'Wizard of Oz' in the US.

Originally, production began on the movie in 1937 shortly after the release of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', with MGM realising that adaptations of children's novels were popular with audiences. Starring Judy Garland as Dorothy, Frank Morgan as the Wizard of Oz, and Terry as Toto the dog, 'Wizard of Oz' has been a timeless classic in the eight decades since its release.

With that in mind, there's an hidden feature on Google that turns the search engine into black and white, and then back to colour. It works on any desktop or mobile browser, and to get it, all you need to do is search 'Wizard of Oz' in Google.

Wizard of OzHere's before...

Wizard of Oz GoogleAnd here's after!

You'll see a pair of red shoes - not unlike the same red shoes worn by Dorothy - beside the movie's information. Tap or click them, and the screen will soon spin and send you to a black-and-white version of Google. Tap or click the tornado, and a flying house will come out of nowhere and turn you back to colour.

Give it a whirl(wind) and see for yourself!