Google Translate is a handy tool that can often be used for any number of situations.

You could be at a restaurant, you could be curious about something you heard on TV, it can be used for just about anything and everything - even loudly pronouncing to the world that you're a total idiot who thinks the world is flat.

Yes, there are still some people in this world who believe that the world is flat and if they just so happen to use Google Translate, the free service is ready to call them out. A viral image doing the rounds points out that if you put the phrase "I'm a flat earther" into the service and translate it to French, it comes back with "Je suis un fou"

Now, seeing as we did Honours German, we'll translate that back into English and you get...

If you think we're making it up, try it yourself and see. Also, if you're reading this and you believe that Earth is flat, get off this website immediately because we don't want that kind of stupid around here. Nobody wants it anywhere. Read a book.


Via Google Translate