Just another reason to blame the internet/get out the tinfoil hats.

Donny Riding, a Liverpudlian taxi driver, had told his wife Julie that he'd given up the fags after he'd suffered a recent heart attack, and had been getting away with it until Google stuck their noses in and ratted on him. Not sound.

Julie told the Liverpool Echo that Donny had "been told to give up smoking and to stop eating unhealthy foods after he had a heart attack".

It wasn't until she cleaned out his car that she found packets of Hobnob biscuits that she realised he had been hiding his bad habits, and when she confronted him he denied it. That's where the story would have ended 15 years ago, but thanks to Google poor Donny had nowhere to hide when Julie checked the Street View images.

"He stormed out of the house and then later that day we’d heard that the street view camera was driving around. 

"When I checked it online I couldn’t believe it – there was no denying it now we’d seen it."

Forget about the biscuits, Donny "was covered by a cloud of smoke" as Julie put it, and was forced to spend a couple of nights on the couch afterwards, although she said they can all have a laugh about it now.

So even though that ended ok, there's something we need to take from this story. Google is either out to get each and every last one of us, or else they're trying to save our lives by stopping us from smoking. Either way, I don't like it one bit.


Via Metro