If you've enjoyed talking s*** about your boss or coworkers whilst using Gchat - the informal name for Gmail's chat window - you might not have the option to for much longer.

It's been confirmed that, from June onwards, Gchat will be replaced with Google Hangouts and will have much of the same functionality as before. However, the simple interface and general layout of Gchat - as in, the small message box in your Gmail window - is likely to disappear.

It's not yet known if the off-the-record functionality of Gchat - of particular use to you gossip-mongers out there - will be retained, however it's been confirmed that Gchat users will receive a message in the coming days and weeks that'll invite them to switch over to Google Hangouts.

Google has been slowly consolidating its instant messaging features into Google Hangouts for some time and Gchat - or to use its official title, Google Talk - is now another victim.

RIP Gchat. You have more dirt on us than anyone out there.


Via NYMag.com / Google