Google are trying to keep you alive for as long as possible by fighting death itself.

Google has some pretty lofty and ambitious projects from time to time, and they seem to be involved in everything and anything, from making a car that can drive itself to their latest cause, curing death. 

Well, maybe not curing, but certainly fighting it off for as long as possible, and they plan to do this with a version of a plan that we've seen before in the great movie Inner Space. That's simplifying things a bit, but essentially they want to use nanotechnology to help them pinpoint the triggers of disease and hopefully find a way to cure it so that it doesn't take you out. 

Andrew Conrad, head of the Life Sciences division in Google, said at the Wall Street Journal's WSJD Live event that "we're trying to stave off death by preventing disease. Fundamentally, our foe is death. Our foe is unnecessary death. Because we have the technology to intervene, and we should expend more energy and effort on it."

The plan (which already has at least 100 employees of the internet giant working on it) is to put tiny magnetic nanoparticles "said to be one-thousandth the width of a red blood cell", in to your body, probably via a pill of some sort, that will search out "trouble spots" or molecules where diseases are lurking, and they would be tracked by a piece of wearable technology that can process the info they feed back. 

All of that won't be happening just yet though, as the company admit they are probably about five years away from getting the project up and running, but they are taking it very seriously. What a world we live in, eh?

Via The Verge