If you use Google Maps and have the location settings on your phone switched on, then you're about to be blown away by just how much information about you there is online. 

Google have plenty of info on us already, from our browsing history to our age, address, and everything in between, but you might not realise just how much they do know about you.

While everyone was up in arms about how many permissions they'd given up to download Facebook Messenger, they might not have thought about how the location settings on their smartphones can also provide people with plenty of information on them, including everywhere they go, every day. We're not joking either, because you can go right over here and check out just how detailed the information is. Just make sure to log in with whatever account it is that you use on your phone. 

The page contains a daily breakdown of your movements from place to place, whether you went on foot, by bike or in another mode of transport, and any places that you might have stopped off along the way. In other words, they have everything, and they know where you live, and you're offering all that information up voluntarily just so you can have a computer plan out a route to get to that pub that your mates are meeting at later...y'know the one, it's on that street... Ah sure just Google it. 

If you're not an Android phone user or you don't have Google Maps then you're off the grid, so congratulations. You took the red pill, man...

Via Junkee.com