Google is no more. Well, sort of.

Google has a new parent company, called Alphabet.

While the core elements of the company will stay under the Google name and banner, many of the smaller ventures the company is running will switch under the Alphabet name.

The main reason for this was to slimline the company, because while Google may still be most commonly known for its search engine, it's come a long way since that, adding multiple strings to its bow.

Google Search, Maps, Advertising, Apps, Youtube, and Android will keep the original name, while Calico, Nest, Fiber, Ventures and Capital, and X lab will now all be part of the spin-off.

The company's SEC filing states that it intends to eventually have Alphabet replace Google as the company which will be publicly traded on the Nasdaq.

Now, that's all the boring stuff out of the way. Here's what we really thought was great. The company doesn't actually own the domain, so they've had to use instead.

For a multi-billion dollar company you'd think they could have just bought it off the owners, but obviously not. Although, we're hoping that's what happens to the owner of the Twitter handle @alphabet, Chris Andrikanich.

Via Wired