Remember how every time you signed up and installed WhatsApp and you got that stupid notification about paying a subscription fee after your trial period ended? Well here's hoping you managed to wangle your way around it because as of today it's wasted dough as WhatsApp announced they are scrapping the annual fee.

According to Re/code, the app is getting rid of its nuisance fee because, as WhatsApp founder Jan Koum reportedly explained at a conference in Munich, the charging system "really doesn’t work that well."

WhatsApp is also not making any plans to bring the charge back, which is good for users in the long run but also makes you wonder how they're going to make money from the app without it. If it starts sticking ads in between you getting into you group chats things could get very annoying, but, as Gizmodo point out, it will probably try and become the new go between for you and your service provider (banks, taxis etc.) and will make money that way.

Only time will tell but for now you can keep messaging away and know that it don't cost a thing.

Via Gizmodo