Queue 18,000 pics of your TV and all the inane crap you spend far too much time watching. 

Memoto is the latest Kickstarter campaign to take the net by storm, gathering over $89,000 at the time of writing on it's first day, the original target of $50k firmly forgotten. The Swedish concept is simple; a small, smart automatic camera that takes pictures every 30 seconds so that you have a record of the small moments that make up your day. We're all guilty of going on holidays and taking pictures of things that we probably will never look at again, so Memoto wants to give you the chance to catch the easily forgotten and once in a lifetime snaps. And then you can look them up on the accompanying app and have a timeline of your day/life. Lovely yes?

Well, sort of. We can see this being huge and people getting great photos á la Instagram, but what about all those moments in your day when you're sitting in work, or in front of the TV, or in bed asleep? Do you really need every half minute of those recorded? And also, a camera and app that takes pictures and tracks your movements every 30 seconds has a very strong smell of 1984 does it not? Or that really creepy episode of Black Mirror from last year,  "The Entire History of You". Also you've got issues of privacy and copyright with a camera in private places that could easily snap people unwanted. So file this one under Good Idea/Bad Idea.