Wowsers. Way to look AMAZING while subtly reminding everyone you're currently starring in American Hustle, Ms Adams. Two birds 'n all that...

Those who also looked banging at last night's Golden Globes include Jessica Chastain (although this could easily be a photo from Awards Season last year...) Emma Roberts, Uma Thurman, Mila Kunis sandwiched to Helen Mirren, Amber Heard (overlook the pose, which is a bit 'Black Widow on the verge of feeding'), and Lupita Nyong’o.

Sofia Vergara always looks good, but it takes a special pair of hips to pull off a great wall of material she wore on the red carpet, that's why we're glad she got changed into this slinky number for the after parties... We also needed to include her to up our side boob quota.

Surprise inclusions come in the form of Lena Dunham. Can you imagine her pulling off a written description of this Zac Posen dress? "Lena, we're putting you in a bet on canary yellow ballgown, it'll showcase the tats, you're OK with that, right?" Still, it helps that her wardrobe in GIRLS is abominable at best.

Also falling under the GIRLS umbrella is Allison Williams. Not everyone can pull off a bodice that resembles TV static (appropriate given she's on TV), but it totally works.

Those making us stroke the chin of approval include Emma Watson. Those are black trousers under her wrap that she's painstakingly trying to show you. For some reason, this has been causing critics to burst with joy. We, on the other hand, would've preferred the look of a bared leg. Emma, however, probably didn't want to become an Awards Season meme, or have a twitter account dedicated to her right limb.