It's happened. Robert Pattinson's been swatted from Glamour UK's Sexiest Men number 1 spot in favour of *gasps* someone else. He has reigned supreme for the last four years running, but this year Superman (in the form of Henry Cavill) is in the number one spot, followed by everyone's favourite vampire, with Liam Hunger Games Hemsworth sidling into third.

In fourth place, we have Tom Hiddleston (he's an Avenger baddie), in fifth we have Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch, followed by Mr. Bum Fluff himself, Harry Styles. Seventh place went to Hemsworth Senior, Chris, eighth went to Idris Elba, followed by Jamie Campbell Bower, and - this is where the entire list goes to pot - Justin Bieber. Yep, Justin Bieber made Glamour UK's Sexiest Men list. Very strange given he's not due to qualify under the term 'man' for a number of years yet.

But these are just words. Here's a gallery of the goods.