We're very prone to hyperbole and superlatives, we'll admit, but Gizoogle? It literally obsessed the office for a solid morning. It's not new by any means, but since it's inception in 2005 it has somehow managed to retain it's hilarity.

How does it work? Simply use it like you'd normally use Google or Google Translate, at Gizoogle translates everything into Snoop Dogg circa mid-noughties style language. It can even do it to your Facebook and Twitter updates. (Yes, there's an exaggerated use of certain words that are NSFW, but if you're not sensitive or in view of the young/easily offended then you should be fine.)

If you want to see our site Gizoogled, as an example, give this a click. Or you can have a gawk at Barack Obama's Twitter in Gizoogle format. It's a wondrous thing.