As we head in to the New Year, you might be thinking about making a few changes in 2015, one of which might be to get out of your comfort zone and find a new job.

Part of the challenge in that is to dust off your CV and explain to someone what it is that you've been doing for the past few years, which can be pretty difficult. We're not sure how you can make "dossing around on the internet" sound better, but you can at least try, anyway.

Thankfully, you can confuse your prospective employer by hitting them with some buzz words in your job title so that they think that you're important in some way with this handy Badass Job Title Generator. Whether you actually do any of the things in your job title is totally irrelevant of course, that's where the waffling comes in to it, and once you've convinced them that you do really know about "strategic organic brand strategy", then you're sure to be hired. 

The generator comes courtesy of the folks at Thinkmodo, who were also the cheeky chaps behind that telekinesis prank in a coffee shop that went viral about a year ago, and apparently the idea came to them as a result of "meeting ad agency staff and clients with complicated and head-scratching job titles" that made them wonder what it is that they actually did every day. 

That's why the job title generator is the perfect ploy for the new you in 2015. If your interviewer is too busy trying to understand your job title, then all you need to do is turn on your natural charm and you're quids in.

Via DesignTaxi