Apple have made some powerful enemies, the kind with fire in their bellies/on their heads.

Last week Apple announced that the next iOS update will include 300 new emojis, and finally set right the lack of diversification when it comes to the world of little faces on phones. Soon there will be six options when it comes to the skin tone of an emoji, instead of your standard neutral yellow/beigey white.

Great, a step forward for technological political correctness. But you couldn’t leave well enough alone. By you, I mean the “strawberry-blond” stricken members of society.

Ginger Parrot, the redhead-advocating website, have petitioned Apple to add a flame-haired face to the list of emojis, and have nearly gained 3,000 supporters already. Seeing as this is the 21st century, and there’s 138,000,000 gingers out there to put their names down, we expect to see a red head icon soon.

Now we’re just waiting for a riot about the lack of imaginary faces with beards, or mullets, or tear-drop tattoos. Or, crazy thought, maybe if we all get a petition going we could get people to try using words in conversations again.

Actually, no, holographic emoji videos. We want hologram emoji videos, and we want them now.