If you're a man who is currently in possession of red hair between the ages of 25 to 34, there's a good chance you may have experienced an uptick in sexual attention since the rise of Ed Sheeran.

That's according to a survey carried out by OnePoll.com on behalf of gaming website Casumo, who found that ginger men have received far less stick and jokes referencing their hair, and an increase in attention from their desired partners since Sheeran's popularity. The poll questioned 175 ginger men and 1,000 women, finding that a third of women polled said that their opinion on ginger men has risen with Ed Sheeran's popularity.

Not only that, a third of 18-24 year old men have reported that they were confused with the Galway Girl singer. Speaking to NME, a spokesperson for Casumo said that "Ed Sheeran has shown how his appearance has no affect on his talent and more people are embracing their natural colour."

Right, but that doesn't explain the Galway Girl video, in fairness.