Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson's girlfriend for an undetermined amount of months, is a musician by trade, but might she also add "likes growing babies for actors" to her CV? Apologies. How very snide of me - Oksana and Mel are deeply in love, just like Oksana was deeply in love with Timothy Dalton, for whom she also carried a child. Although, she had their sprogling twelve years ago and managed not to get pregnant by songwriter/producer David Foster (who she's also been linked to) in the interim, probably because he bought her a house. Like Mel's just done. Hey, love is befuddling.

Anyway, rampant and largely unfounded cynicism aside, 39-year-old Oksana is pregnant with Mel's child. We're assuming this was the nail that forced Mel's wife of 28 years (and the mother of his seven children), Robyn, to file for divorce a month ago.

We'd like to congratulate Mel on his continuing ability to populate L.A. with his seedlings. We're sure the latest addition to his brood will get on famously with it's array of siblings - and Timothy Dalton's kid. 

We'd also like to wish you, Oksana, all the best in the future. Mel seems really committed. I mean, he only had one (known) affair while married to Robyn. And sure didn't he publicly lead you up the aisle at the LA premiere of Wolverine?! If that doesn't show lifelong dedication, we don't know what does.