Or cat-sized lions/tigers/anything that will kill the giant rats that are about to sweep across the country.

The Mirror is reporting that a rat the size of your common house cat was found in the attic of a house in Brownsbarn Woods, Kingswood near Citywest after the homeowners heard it chewing through wood above their heads.

Measuring 24 inches from nose to tail (that's 2 rulers, or feet if you're being a pedant) the rat is 'one of the bigger rats caught recently' which is probably the most upsetting thing you'll hear today. Measure that out with your hands. And gag.

The pest control worker who removed the rat said: 'This is one of the biggest rats I’ve seen in my line of work, and a very dangerous animal to be in a house. Lately we have been shocked at the size of rats and believe that the growing trend in the number of rats and their size could be down to household waste being dumped around estates and the climate warming'.

What. Wonderful. News.

Grace Walters, the woman who lives in the house, told the Mirror:

We’re only after moving into the estate and shortly after we heard a scratching noise in the ceiling which was followed by the really loud sound of wood being chewed. We rang a pest control company and they came out and put a camera in the attic to see what was going on - and sure enough the rat was there, hiding in a corner. They had to cut a hole in the ceiling to reach the rat and when they grabbed it out, none of us could believe how big it was the size of a domestic cat.'

If you so desire to see pictures of said beast, the Mirror have them, but trust us, they're properly gross.

Via The Mirror