It's no surprise that Hollywood has certain preferences when it comes to looks but every so often the big names in the 'biz strike a head-turning resemblance to the stars of the past. Sometimes the mirror-image 'slebs look so alike the game of 'who's the baby mama/baby daddy?' comes into call. There's a reason it's known as the Hollywood family; they're all one big incestuous group of horn dogs.

Take a look at some of these pairings and tell us there isn't a good chance either there's some sort of keys-in-the-pot Hollywood story behind all this or the Buddhas have the right idea about reincarnation. Either or really.

1) Brad Pitt and Robert Redford- This pairing is proof Americana is always uber sexy no matter what the year. Do I hear calls of 'please Sir, can I have some more sir?'

2) January Jones and Grace Kelly-Pretty sure January Jones won't mind being compared to a princess one bit. She may pull some outfits that Kelly would be ever so slightly so daring for a real live princess but although Kelly was known as Miss class, she wasn't afraid to sex the crap out of it either, and sex the crap out of it she did.

3) George Clooney and Cary Grant- Charming and debonair is the essence if old Hollywood, and this duo define just that. Note: aside from possessing the ability to turn a beautiful shade of mahogany (when strolling around Cannes or one of your villas why of course) and a permanent glint in the eye are key components of this persona.

4) Scarlett Johansson and Marilyn Manroe- Lush and va-va-voom in excessive qualities. An infuriating (for us, anyway) amount of men select Johansson as the sexiest woman alive. One can only reason it's down to her blonde hair, big lips and milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard. She's yet to prove however that she's not just a substandard version of Manroe with any o her films. Manroe had Sugar Kane in Some Like It Hot, what can you say for yourself Jo?

5) Audrey Tatou and Audrey Hepburn-Unlike the ladies above, the captivating style of these two is less voluptuous and more gamine. Let's put it down to that Je ne said quoi continental ladies have in spades (remember Hepburn was Belgian).

6) Gad Elmaleh and Buster Keaton- Gad Elmaleh starred alongside Audrey Tatou in Priceless, and bears an uncanny resemblance to the silent movie actor Buster Keaton with his saucer eyes and world-weary expression. With any luck for the Frenchie the revival of silent films will give him bucket-loads of roles.

7) James Franco and James Dean - These two young men look the spit from each other and both share an affinity for moodiness and piercing expressions. Franco is already a decade older than Dean when the young actor died so Franco would want to up the ante when it comes to his devil-may-care attitude if the wants to top in the cool charts. Live fast, die young Franco, get with the programme. Sawing your arm off in a film isn't half reckless enough.

8) Queen Latifah and Zora Neale Hurston- Both pack sass and break the mould (with the exception of the twosome looking twin-ish) of famous folk stereotypes. Hurston, a Harlem Renaissance writer, and Latifah (rapper, actress) both share the gift of the gab also.

9) Daniel Craig and Steve McQueen-Lastly, this duo's steely blue eyes and Saxon blonde hair point towards some crazy Nordic relative lost in the recesses of the family tree somewhere. Both also enjoy manly activities in their films such as fast cars, guns and pretty much anything that will emit a 'boom' noise.