What's that? More heat and humidity you say? Lads, this is getting a bit much now.

According to Met Éireann, this week is set to be a scorcher with temperatures set to hit the mid-twenties and above, with the east getting blessed with the most heat. Not that it's going to stay dry mind. No, why would we be blessed with heat and clear skies? Outbreaks of drizzle and rain will mar our days, moving across the country from the south, and because of the heat and humidity we can't 'rule out the odd thundery shower', or so says the bearer of 'good news' Gerry Murphy. Also on the cards? Spot flooding.

Oh and just in case you thought your nights of waking up at 4am drenched in your own sweat thanks to the humidity were over, get used to it as the humidity is going nowhere. Wonderful.