We may have been happily basking in the uncharacteristically mild weather of October, but winter, we are afraid to say, is most definitely here. The clocks have gone back, making the evening's notably shorter, and there has been a considerable drop in temperature that is set to continue.

Yes we know, winter is cold, what a surprise, but it's just all happened so suddenly. There's going to be actual frost this weekend. Frost!

Tonight will see temperatures hurtle towards as low as 2 C, while tomorrow at least will be dry and between 8 to 11 C.

It's the weekend you will really need your winter woolies though, with temperatures close to freezing, or perhaps a little below, leading to the first frost of the winter.

Don't worry, we've resisted the urge to make the obvious 'Winter is Coming' reference.

Jokes! Here it is...

We did incorporate a Schmidt from New Girl twist however.