Keep up, get it? Oh right, we haven’t explained that bit yet. You’ll get it in a minute, stall the ball.


It's September again, so that means the start of autumn, and the return of the Blue September campaign sponsored by Vhi Healthcare, which focuses on raising awareness of men's cancer.

One in three men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, which compares to one in four in women, and yet the fairer sex have a much better handle on their health and checking themselves regularly, so us guys need to get better at it.

Blue September helps to raise awareness and keep up the fight with the Blue September “Keepy Uppy” online game. The idea is to do play the game and donating online or by texting FIGHT to 50300 and then challenge your friends to beat you, creating a chain of awareness and donations nationwide.

All proceeds will go to the Men's Cancer Alliance (MCA), which is the new umbrella alliance formed by The Mater Hospital Foundation, The Mercy Hospital Foundation and Cancer Care West organisations. The aim of the Men's Cancer Alliance is to create awareness about men's cancers, treatments and supports available and to raise funds to create and maintain a number of men's cancer support initiatives.

There's plenty more information on all of that over here, where you can find out all the great causes that your donation will help. To play, simply click 'PLAY NOW' above or below, and don't forget to challenge your mates on Facebook and Twitter!