Well. It's happened. Russell Brand has his own film out, and here are the LA premiere photographs to prove it.

It would seem we've been in denial about it up until this point, especially as we heard reports that he'll be lending his reputed vocal talents to the proceedings, but there's nothing more real than seeing the likes of Judd Apatow, Jonah Hill, Selma Blair, Sean Puffy Diddy Pop and his ma, Rose Byrne, Kristen Bell, Vanessa Hudgens AND Zac Efron, not to mention McLovin, the odd individual off Glee, Metallica's Lars Ulrich and Colm bleedin' Meaney, wilfully posing for photographs beside a poster of the rumoured film in question, depicting Brand proffering the universal sign for RAWK.

Oh, and Katy Perry naturally trussed herself up in a silver lame number. With a train. Of course. Yep, she turned up despite him saying the following, regarding his pending marriage, after playing a real life gig with Carl Barat - 'cause he's a presenter / comedian / writer / actor AND rock star now:

"You know, it's sort of odd isn't it, because there is certainly a compromise. You can't just maraud through life f***ing whomever you'd like. Which is a shame, cause I wish I actually could do that. That's the compromise."

Isn't it roooomantiiiiic... admitting you're already missing invading the vaginas of strangers and you're not even maaaarried yeeeeeeeeeet.