Given how utterly unbelievable it is that Donald Trump is still President of the United States, it's only icing on the cake that the porn star he allegedly cheated with is now doing the late-night talk show rounds and spewing the gory details across the airwaves for all to see.

It really does hone down and crystallise the idea that American influence and moral authority in the world stage isn't just gone, it's decayed past the point of it ever coming back.

Seriously, how do you come back from all of this? You have the New York Times, one of the most trusted and respected news media outlets in the world, firing out a 13,000 word piece on how the sitting US President dodged taxes repeatedly and lied through his teeth about how he made his fortune - and you've got the porn star he slept with describing how he liked to be spanked after they had unprotected sex.

Truly, we are living in strange times. To be fair to Stormy Daniels, she's just riding the crest of the wave and everyone's along for the ride to see how it goes. Sarah Paulson, bless her, just couldn't watch this from the green room because why sit out what's likely to be one of the defining moments in the fall of the Trump presidency and the utter humiliation that's been visited on America as a whole?

Watch all ten minutes of it and laugh.