As if further examples of Celebrities using their fame to pretty much take the mick were required; David Gest is to star in his own autobiographical musical. Now, this individual is famed for being a fantasist, often wittering tales of "fact" which are made up on the spot, but at least he does it in an entertaining way. Seemingly it's called 'David Gest Is Nuts… My Life as a Musical' and will start a run in London come February. It'll feature a number of '70s pop acts, including Gloria Gaynor, who'll bang out, 'I Will Survive.' Gest told London's Evening Standard: "In my wildest imagination, I never thought I'd be dancing, singing and performing... considering I have no real talent. This is quite a feat." It's not really, David, you just happened to marry someone famous a few years back. That's all.