When it comes to having a kit for a special occasion, then 1860 Munich take the cake.

We're surely all familiar with the concept of Oktoberfest at this stage, so we need not explain that it's a big deal in Germany. Instead, we can let this amazing special edition kit do just that, as 1860 Munich have produced a one-off jersey and shorts to celebrate this year's event, and they are majestic. 

Why? Well, because they look like lederhosen, and this is something that simply has to be admired, possibly even applauded. The whole outfit is inspired by traditional Bavarian dress, and while the shorts aren't real leather, they're still pretty darn great. 

The kit is a limited edition, obviously, and there will only be 1860 available to buy, which will also come in a fancy box. The team will give the kits their first showing on Oktoberfest's opening day when they take on Ingolstadt in the 2. Bundesliga. We want one of these really, really badly. 

Via SB NationMain pic via Uhlsport