We know why the Spice Girls' single 'Headlines' is so sh*t - Geri and Emma wrote it. Seemingly Geri had asked George Michael to co-write it with her, but they have since fallen out over his (understandable) procrastination in helping her pen it. A source told The Sun: "George was more than happy to write a song. But Geri was frustrated how long he was taking to finish it. She wrote 'Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)' with Emma instead and George was furious. He has been fed up with Geri's 'me, me, me' attitude." Pot and kettle. Funnily enough, the band has decided against releasing the single in time for the Christmas number one spot with the song going on sale next Monday. This comes as quite the surprise considering it entered the download charts at 128 after a grand total of 300 people bought it. The single has also been relegated to the 'C' list by Radio One which means it's lucky if it's played once a day. HOW did they sell out so many reunion dates?! Is it any wonder Boyzone are deranged enough to think they'll fill London's O2 Arena?!