Aaaaand they've split. How many of you are owed a tenner for betting on 13 days? We had two weeks ourselves, they could have waited ONE more day and we'd have been rolling in it.

As per Digital Spy, the relationship between Geri Halliwell and Russell Brand has apparently "petered out" after she took him househunting in Devon. This next bit is just hilarious; it's been reported that the pair have entered a "cooling-down period" given Brand's difficulty with the idea of commitment. Buying a house in Devon with Ginger Spice? No wonder he wants to run as far away as possible, sher he only split from his wife Katy Perry in December.

A source tells The Mirror - now is this the same source that told us to start betting on a wedding date yesterday? - "Geri was smitten but things have petered out a tad... He isn't ready to settle down so soon after coming out of marriage, whereas Geri is probably more ready to have a relationship... She wants a pad and spent Saturday dragging Russell around properties near Devon. It probably seemed a little much."

Geri's loved ones were also concerned about her getting closer to Brand given his bad-boy past. "Russell is a huge flirt and Geri won't stand for any nonsense," said the insider."Her friends are telling her not to get serious about him."