It's true, you can ram Ireland's most famous mounds into anything and it will make the front page of most tabloids, but have them poking out of a wedding dress and even Twitter goes into overdrive.

Apparently Georgia tweeted a picture of herself yesterday in this creation, avec black bra straps popping out, with the caption: "Getting married today, like my dress @republicoftelly."

Personally, I'd be tuning in to that episode to see why Bernard O'Shea is topless and hobbling about on a crutch. Or who that naked lady is on Dermot Whelan's t-shirt. Or how Jennifer McGuire has managed to land herself a column in The Sun on Sunday (Incidentally, can anyone enlighten me as to the nature of her column? I can't find reference to it anywhere on LordGoogle).

Aaah, I bet it's a business column, 'cause she was a serious business woman who wasn't at all interested in fame when she appeared on The English Apprentice. It was all about the business.

I'll let it go one day.