Looks like Georgia isn't as stuck for things to do as we thought. Announced today, FHM magazine seem to have taken a shine to her and have gone and chosen Georgia as their figurehead for their 100 Sexiest Women of 2013 poll. In typical FHM style, she's cavorting around in not very much clothing and sees her being quite raunchy, if we do say so ourselves. Warning: You're about to get a whole lot of butt.

FHM's fast facts for Georgia, which can be seen in the latest issue, include the fact that she is an Irish-Greek model, being most famous in the UK for her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, and that before she learned to drive she took around three taxis a day. Not exactly PHD's and Pulitzers now or enlightening in any way but sure look, she's representing the Irish abroad, and this is a pretty good look for us right now. God knows we need all the good press we can get. Fingers crossed she places higher than Tulisa (which still makes zero sense).