George Foreman wants to give Steven Seagal a few slaps - on a pay per view.

The 68 year old former heavyweight boxer, who returned to the ring in his late 40s and still whopped ass, is annoyed at Seagal - probably for branding the NFL protests by players "outrageous," "a joke" and "disgusting." To be fair, he hasn't clarifed that, but we can only guess.

Seagal became a Russian citizen last year and is know for being besties with Putin.



Anyhow, Foreman wants a scrap and Segal doesn't have to just box, he can use any martial art he likes. Foreman saying in another tweet he was 'learning to block kicks'

He also retweeted some tweets from fans taking the piss. 




Given how the latter Steven Seagal movies seem to see the actor shot from the waist up, we're betting he probably wouldn't be throwing many kicks.

We'll leave some of their combat history below and sure you can make up your own mind. To be fair, George has that 'Grill' money so he's hardly short a few quid.


Eh hem... Seagal.

No word yet from Segal or indeed his goatee.