Hollywood legend George Clooney has opened up about a motorcycle accident that occured in Italy in 2018 that could have proven fatal.

George Clooney was being interviewed by The Times when he spoke about the incident.

He also talked about turning 60 ("Turning 60 is a bummer. But it’s that or dead") and spending lockdown with his family.

Clooney was hit by a car in July 2018 while riding a motorcycle.

The actor was driving to the set of 'Catch 22', a Hulu mini-series which he was filming at the time.

George Clooney was thrown from his bike, over the handlebars and into the windscreen of a white Mercedes, which had turned in front of him.

The driver called the emergency services and police, and an ambulance and fire department came to the scene.

Clooney reflects: "I was waiting for my switch to turn off. I’m fine now."

He also described about the experience of lying on the ground while a crowd gathered and people started filming him on the phones.

He says: "If you’re in the public eye, what you realise when you’re on the ground thinking it’s the last minute of your life is that, for some people, it’s just going to be entertainment for their Facebook page.

"I’m a pretty positive guy, but that told me, clearly, that you really are here just for their entertainment...

"You want to take every one and shake them."

George Clooney was also involved in a motorbike accident in 2007, when the motorcycle he and then-girlfriend Sarah Larson were riding was hit by a car.

Following the 2018 accident, George Clooney revealed at a panel at the DGA Theatre (via People magazine) that his wife Amal has forbidden him from riding motorbikes again, and that his fellow producer Grant Heslov’s wife has taken the same stance.

"I’m not allowed to ride motorcycles," he says. "I got into a really bad accident.

"I hit a guy at 70 miles an hour on my bike. Got launched. And so that’s, I’m off of bikes.

"Grant’s off. We screwed up and our wives were like, ‘You can never get on a bike again.’"