She wouldn't give him her number, so what else was he meant to do, hah? C'mon, we've all resorted to mild Internet stalking at one point or another.

One of the world's most notorious bachelors met lawyer Amal Alamuddin at an initmate charity fundraiser last September. His instant attraction to her resulted in him sending her messages online since she refused to take his number. Word of warning - for those of you who aren't George Clooney, this may not be the best way to go about landing the girl of your dreams. It could instead land you in a police station.

Initially, George emailed her saying: "I think the reported hottest man in the world should meet with the hottest human rights lawyer in the world." Wow. Only George Clooney could get away with that - at a push.

A source told The Daily Mirror: "At first Amal was playing very hard to get and would not take his phone number, which simply made George even more intrigued. In the end he managed to get her email address and began sending her a series of flirty messages. He was very up front and joked about the fact they were both ­considered the hottest people in their respected ­professions. It was all very tongue in cheek but it got the ball rolling. Amal found it funny, but she still made him wait a few days before replying."

Meanwhile, 53-year-old George is house hunting in London since his 36-year-old missus works at Doughty Street Chambers, and will therefore be based in England.

A source added: "George has only known Amal for a few months but with the wedding date set he is now looking for a UK base. He wants a place in Richmond because he loves the park and thinks it will be a great place to set up home with Amal. She works mainly in London so he will be moving to the UK on a more permanent basis."

In the meantime, he's been busy throwing engagement parties for himself. The latest one he enjoyed was in Miami yesterday and Bono was there. Of course he was.