Would you look at that? Another two year relationship bites the dust for George Clooney. And so the pattern continues.

According to the Mirror, Stacy Keibler called it quits on Clooney after he refused to settle down and make some babies, and the two distanced themselves over the last few weeks with George spending Independence Day at Lake Como while Stacy was in Malibu, 6,000 miles away. 'Stacy called it quits.' a friends apparently told People Magazine. 'She wants to have children and a family some day. She knows where George stands on that. They talked and they quietly stopped being a couple several weeks ago.'

And surprise, surprise, Keibler's walked away from the relationship tight lipped and at the helm of her own TV show Supermarket Superstar, with considerable more fame and swag to boot. Lest we forget, she was a WWE wrestling star before she started courting George, so the bright lights were always calling. Clooney and his reps declined to comment on the break-up, and when asked Keibler said 'It’s really not anyone else’s business. A personal life is a personal life. I know there has to be a happy medium being in the public eye. You just have to remember not to give everything to everybody.'

Meanwhile Keibler can add her name to the long list of short-term relationships Clooney has had over the last decade, joining the likes of Renee Zellweger, Kelly Preston (current spouse of John Travolta), Elisabetta Canalis and Lisa Snowdon, who have all done surprisingly well for themselves post-George (well, depending on how you feel about Preston's situation). He really does rack them up doesn't he?