Adding to the length list of programmes that simply don't need to be on television, MTV - in their infinite wisdom - has decided that it would be a simply smashin' idea for a UK offshoot of Jersey Shore. And not only that, it's to be set in Newcastle. Yes, Newcastle. Geordie Shore, as they're calling it, will debut on MTV in late spring or early summer. MTV said that they picked the North-east because the people who lived there "know how to have a good time in rain or shine." That'll be rain then. Kerry Taylor, director of Television for MTV Networks UK and Ireland said "no one wears a coat and Geordie girls are always out in their miniskirts", setting women's lib back a good ten years.

The original Jersey Shore has been a smash hit for MTV and its third season recently debuted to a US audience of 8.4 million but has drawn strong criticism from Italian-American groups complaining about the stereotypes being portrayed on the show. In fact, the Guardian described Jersey Shore as making "Big Brother look like Dostoyevsky". Taylor was quoted as saying that the Geordie Shore would feature "memorable characters who are funny and brash but at the same time warm and get on with each other." Obviously she's never seen Jersey Shore, then.

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