Anything that lets us get a quick Disco Nap, we're all in favour of.

In fact - why isn't taking a Disco Nap in a work / office environment not socially acceptable?

Hell, we eat at our desks - why not take a quick 20 minute nap? We knew a guy, who worked two minutes from his house, who would go home for a power-nap for his lunch.

Amazing. Why aren't we doing this?

Anyway, designer Eden Lew has come up with a marvellous invention called In A Nutshell.

In a nutshell (heh), it's an Isolation Pod. You collapse it out, zip it over you and voila - you're alone in a safe place.

You'd just better hope you're not freaked out by enclosed spaces, though.

In A Nutshell works as a "safe place" for office workers, allowing them time to meditate, eat, focus or - in our case - snore loudly, drool and do that twitchy thing when you're half asleep.

Yes, hello? In A Nutshell? Do these come with pillows? You have to supply your own? Great. We'll take ten. And do they come in Batman-themed patterns? No. OK.


via Buzzfeed / SVA-NYC