It does seem particularly ridiculous that Donald Trump has been nominated not once, but twice, for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Considering that he's repeatedly refused to condemn white supremacy, has extolled the virtues of police brutality, his father was most likely a KKK member, and everything else, you'd hardly think he's Nobel Peace Prize material.

So, in order to highlight just how hollow a Nobel Peace Prize nomination is, two YouTubers - Josh Pieters and Archie Manners - worked up a way to get themselves recognised as potential nominators for the prestigious award, and then set about nominating Gemma Collins for said award.

As in, Gemma Collins from 'The Only Way Is Essex', 'Celebrity Big Brother', et al. That Gemma Collins. Her. She was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, really.

Anyway, the two YouTubers - one of whom is a magician, if you can believe it - describe in detail how they blagged their way into the Nobel Peace Prize's inner circle by pretending to be a peace institute, faking a website, pretending to give a shit about Mali, and generally highlighting how full of shit the Nobel Peace Prize is.

All good, clean fun. Take a look.