We love a story about random celebrity encounters, but this one was really out of the blue.

According to 'The Only Way is Essex' star Gemma Collins, a chance encounter with Leonardo DiCaprio in a nightclub led to her getting ejected from the building. The incident happened, according to Collins, after she simply said hello to the Oscar winner.

The incident allegedly took place at SoHo House, a private-members only club in Los Angeles.

"Leonardo DiCaprio – I said hello to him and got thrown out of the club in LA," she told The Sun. "I mean, he looked at me and I looked at him back and all I said was hello.

"Next thing I know, I've been thrown out. I thought, 'You do realise I am famous as well. Thank you very much!'

She added that she "could never go back there again… they could kiss my arse"

Collins is currently touring Manchester with her one woman show 'Big Night Out'. She will also join the UK tour of 'Chicago' in May.

Meanwhile DiCaprio will star in the upcoming Martin Scorsese film 'Killers of the Flower Moon'. The Western is based on the series of 1920s Oklahoma murders in the Osage Nation committed after oil was discovered on tribal land.

The 'Don't Look Up' star has yet to comment on the controversy but we wait with bated breath for his inevitable response..

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