Onnit is becoming one of the biggest names on the supplement market worldwide, and is still pretty new to these shores.

Thanks to Powerful.ie, we got our hands on a sample to try, and they were also good enough to give us an exclusive discount code for our readers who want to try out the products for themselves, which you can find below.

We gave Man Cave editor Adrian Collins a bottle of Alpha Brain supplement to see what the fuss is about and if this stuff actually works or not, and what effects he noticed after taking it on a constant basis for a few weeks.


First off, Onnit's marketing campaign has been really smart, and they offer a pretty wide range of products from sports supplements to multi-vitamins. Alpha Brain is one of them, and despite not being a fan of the Joe Rogan podcast, Onnit is definitely a recognisable name that people do know from Rogan's constant promotion of it. He’s a pretty powerful influencer, and there are a number of other names attached to it that make it a fit with the demo that Onnit is trying to get at: people concerned with health and fitness, and eating healthily.

When you go beyond the packaging and the smart campaigns, there’s a lot to like about Onnit. With regard to supplements, you should always be pretty vigilant about what you’re putting into your body. As far as Onnit is concerned, their major selling point is that it’s all natural and Alpha Brain doesn't seem to have the artificial ingredients that a lot of other nootropic (cognitive enhancing) supplements on the market do. For a full breakdown on exactly what’s in it and what all the ingredients do, check out some of the clinical studies done on it, but suffice to say it looks like it doesn't have anything sinister in it. With everything that we’re already putting into our bodies on a day to day basis, I like to try and be sure I’m not adding to the problem with the supplements that I choose that might have nasty things hidden in them.


While I was a bit skeptical at first, the results did seem to show through after about a week or so of taking it regularly. One of the effects mentioned is mental clarity and focus, which is pretty hard to measure objectively (either you feel focused or you don’t) but a good metric is keeping track of what you were able to get through both in work and outside it. I found myself reading more in my spare time (something I’d made a resolution to do back in January), flagging less in the late afternoon/early evenings and in general getting around to a few tasks that I’d left on the long finger for a while because I just wasn't motivated to do them.

One of the things I did notice was that I was remembering my dreams better, which can help when it comes to creativity. While I didn't get the lucid dreaming that many people claim they experienced as a result of taking Alpha Brain, I did remember that I had a dream where I was dreaming, and while I might have been incepted, I'm confident that it hasn't resulted in any funny business to do with how I experience time and/or inheriting the family business empire and splitting it up into separate companies.

What’s the verdict?

You're not going to see immediate and amazing results with Alpha Brain, like a lot of things when it comes to fitness and eating right, this is more of a long term project, so you need to realise that first off. However, it's really only a matter of a week or so before you start noticing the positive effects. If you're trying to avoid the buzz caffeine gives you but still want to stay focused, then this is probably right for you, and while you can combine it in stacks with other supplements , I noticed an effect on its own, suggesting that you can add this to your daily routine without much hassle and still get the benefits.

If you fancy giving it a try, then why not head over to Powerful.ie and check out the full Onnit range, which includes Shroom Tech Sport and a whole host of other great supplements. The guys there have even been good enough to give us an exclusive discount code for our readers, so enter the code ‘mancave10’ to get 10% off any purchase of Onnit supplements on site.