Not that movies, TV or novels are a good representation of where we're headed, but people expected a lot more from living in 2019.

For example, 'Blade Runner' - which was made in 1982 and was set in 2019 - had flying cars, robots that looked indistinguishable from humans, and people living on other planets. '2001: A Space Odyssey' had an entire city on the moon.

Of course, we know now that none of these things are remotely close to possible and instead we have small glass phones that we carry around with to argue with people, and we've got light bubls that require a silly procedure to reset.

This video, which is actually real and not a avant-garde comedy sketch, details how to perform a factory reset on a C by GE Light Bulb. Just to be clear, this is a light bulb that's hooked up to an internet router, so you can control the lights from an app on your phone. Y'know, smart home technology.

And people wonder why it never really took off. This is probably why.