Gary Oldman's Oscar win on Sunday night was somewhat tainted by the fact that old allegations of abuse resurfaced when his ex-wife took 'congratulated' him.

Donya Fiorentino, the actor's third wife whom he was married to from 1997 - 2001 - told TMZ: "Congratulations, Gary and congratulations to the Academy for awarding not one but two abusers with Oscars. I thought we had evolved. What happened to the #MeToo movement?” (The other alleged abuser and Oscar winner that she was referring to is basketball star Kobe Bryant.)

Fiorentino had previously alleged that Oldman was physically and emotionally abusive to her during their marriage - including choking her and beating her in front of their two sons - although the actor was ultimately awarded full custody of both children after their divorce.

In response, one of their sons, 20-year-old Gulliver, penned an open letter defending his father, writing: “It has been troubling and painful to see these false allegations against my father being written about again, especially after this was all settled years ago. There is good reason that these specific articles and accusations subsided years ago.”

He added that "custody of children is not given to a wife beater, and in most circumstances, hardly ever a man" was proof of his father's innocence, and described him as "my one and true guiding light. My only hero."

Of his mother, he said that she "has been a sad and very troubled person most of her life" and he hadn't spoken to her in seven years.  "Yes, she brought me into this world," he wrote. "She didn’t however, teach me how to be a part of it.”

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