... Madame Tussaud's have also afforded him a lustrous thicket of red hair?

Due to a massive surge in attention, bosses at Madame Tussauds London have moved the wax figure of The X Factor judge Barlow for his own safety/to plug the show.

The figure, previously in the music zone, will now be featured in his own separate VIP area with suitably showbiz "minders" at the door. Very, very tall minders. Very tall, hired-in-by-Max-Clifford looking model minders.

Assuming this story is true, Madame Tussauds spokeswoman Liz Edwards said most of Gary's gawpers were mums of young girls here to see Justin Bieber... Since the X-Factor, girls have just been going crazy at seeing Gary. With the X Factor final coming up he seems to be surging in popularity, especially in the last couple of weeks, so we thought it was time to bring him in bouncers.We don't want to stop people getting up close and personal with their hero, but we hope by putting him in his own VIP area we'll be able to manage the attention more effectively. His minders will remind fans to be polite when they get too demonstrative... The Queen is always the most popular, but Gary is the man of the moment. Even people like Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis don't need their own bouncers." 'Cause they're slightly taller?

So, when did they realise they had to move Gary? When he started getting molested: "Love-struck girls covered the likeness in so much lipstick that it had to be taken away for cleaning. One besotted fan even left a pair of knickers saying 'I love Gary' in the figure's pocket, prompting staff to move the statue."