A man has climbed to the top of the Ulster Bank building in Dublin on Dame Street, causing a traffic lock down and street closures.

Traffic has come to a standstill on Dame Street as a result of a man climbing to the top of the Abercrombie and Fitch building, causing police and emergency services to rush to the scene.

Onlookers and passersby have also stopped to see what was going on as he scaled the building incredibly close to the edge, and Ger Gilroy of Newstalk tweeted this image of the man.

Richard Chambers, also of NewsTalk arrived on the scene also to report, as the road has now been closed off by Gardai as the situation continues to develop, and the man has positioned himself on the roof of Ulster Bank.


Thankfully, Gardai have announced that the man was brought back down safe and sound, and nobody was injured in the incident.

For anyone else affected by this and who isn't in a position to speak to friends or family, please do contact The Samaritans.

Main pic via Wikipedia